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Resistance Training and The Power of Mindfulness

Interesting conversation with client this morning about working out without a mind. She was telling me how she was at the gym and saw a guy throwing up in the bushes. Someone came over to him and said trainer pushed you too hard and he said yes. She asked me how this could happen. I thought it is because people are being trained without a mind. What does this mean it means they have given there minds over to the trainer and have order the trainer to get them results. So the trainer thinks that he has to show some results by pushing the person til they both can see that the results are there the two ways to do that is throw up or be so sore the next day you can't move.

With mindfulness you learn to listen to your body and note the cues that your body is telling you about fatigue. You stop when the muscle starts to stop because that is the stimulus for fatigue. You have to have a mind to do that though. That means you need to have as Daniel Siegel calls it Mindsight. You get that through the practice of mindfulness which is learning to hold your attention on the things that are happening in your mind.

One of the ways the power of mindfulness can be attained is through the use of the balance board. The ability to bring the mind back to a point of concentration can than help develop the observational skills necessary to listen to what your body is telling you about where you are in a given rep, set, exercise or workout. It will allow you to reach flow where your

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