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This Week at Fitness Solutions

What happen this week at Fitness Solutions? Here are some of the themes :

I am seeing this more and more as people train there bodies they start to make better choices in other areas of there life. I am really starting to believe that it is not so much about what you do or what program you are on it is just about getting started doing something. Make a change some where and watch how that change will start to blossom in other areas of your life. 

The Book Club has moved into week four and we are studying chapter three in the book The Will Power Instinct. Last week we learned about meditation. We practiced meditation and learned that positive changes can be made in the brain in just 5 mins. Actual increases in gray matter in the frontal cortex that can impact your ability to say no to those impulses that cause you to sabotage your fitness goals. 

Self Compassion is big by learning the strengths and weaknesses of our brains we can be more empathic when we fall off the wagon with our selves. It can also help us to understand the things that put our brains in the best possible position to help us make good choices. Getting enough sleep can have a positive impact on our ability to make good choices in the rest of our day. 

Just wanted to share with y'all some themes of the week. 

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