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Overeating and WillPower

Do you find yourself in a position where you are asking your self why you can take action on you fitness goals and for that matter any goals that you may have in . You get inspired to achieve your goals and than you find your self tired and despairing of ever reaching your goals. It seems that other people are able to keep agreements with themselves and you can't. You may even feel shame that you once had it and now you can't stop yourself from making choices that don't support your goals. 

Motivational speakers are telling you that you don't have a big enough "WHY". You don't know what to do you think about doing for someone else or four a higher purpose but you end up not taking consistent action to meet your goals.

What's the answer? Well maybe it is a weakened will power from throwing so much will power at too many things for so long. It could be an unhealthy choice is weakening your willpower for example alcohol attacks the part of the brain where neuroscientist say that will power resides.

It may be s brain thing than a character flaw thing. It may be that this self that we are critical of is just a poor functioning middle prefrontal cortex. It is not about a flawed self and that is why no amount of self hatred or anger can get you to take action. You are tired. Your will is tired. What do you do about it?

How about self compassion and meditation. According to Stanford health Psychologist, self compassion and meditation can be the key to a healthier you. It seems that understanding that you have a brain that gets tired of doing the right thing and needs a rest. It also needs some mindfulness meditation to strengthen it so that you can handle the barrage of some 200 calls to eat a day that the prefrontal cortex has to say "NO" to according to Susan Aamodt PhD and neuroscientist. 

Self compassion and 5-10 minutes of meditation could be the key to getting the will power to say no to choices that you will regret and yes to choices that will help you meet your needs for integrity.

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