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Exercise and Affirmations

Wendy Suzuki in her Book Healthy Brain, Happy Life: A Personal Program to Active Your Brain and Do Everything Else Better writes that combining Exercise with Self Affirmations, which she calls intentional exercise, can have positive effects on mood.

I find this interesting because I know for many of us it is hard to sustain motivation while exercising. What is your self talk while exercising and how does that have an impact on your mood. How does your mood impact the effort you put in your workout. Is it different when you are taking a class with others and sounds and encouragement are being made versus when you are buy yourself lifting weights?

What is it like when you are with your trainer versus working by yourself. Think about when you were the most inspired to workout what was your self talk like. Why not borrow some of the things that you here people who inspire you say when you are in the gym and say them to your self while you train. It could have a dramatic impact on the effort you put into what you do which will create the results you want to see.

Start with something like:

I am strong and powerful.

I am resilient

I enjoy doing tough things because it makes me stronger in other areas of my life.

Same them with feeling like you mean it when you are doing something that makes you feel powerful like finish a tough set of curls.

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