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About Us



One-on-one training with a highly skilled professional is the most effective way to reach your fitness goals. For more than 20 years, Jon Murray has been helping his clients realize their full fitness potential in an encouraging, supportive environment. 




  • Initial consultation 

  • Physical assessment and measurements 

  • Customized program

  • Ongoing support

            WHAT TO EXPECT


Your program will evolve as you begin to reach your goals or as your needs change.

All ages and fitness levels are welcome. 


Results you can expect:


  • Increased flexibility

  • Better posture and balance

  • Increased energy

  • Healthier lifestyle

  • Leaner physique

  • More confidence


Jon began his career developing fitness programs for patients in a recreational therapy department. While there, he received a Physical Fitness Specialist certification from The Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research as well as a Personal Training certification from The American Council on Exercise.   


After years of experience and education, Jon pursued a career in personal training. He joined  Bally Total Fitness and soon became one of their top personal trainers. While working at Bally Total Fitness, Jon attained an advanced certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Through this program, he became interested in the biomechanics of resistance training. In fact, he distinguished himself by becoming only the nineteenth person in the country to attain a certification from Resistance University. Resistance University is a prestigious facility dedicated to educating people about the biomechanics of resistance training.  

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