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Attention Focus and Wiring

I have a friend on Facebook who says, "pay attention." That is a very profound thing because what we pay attention to has a physiological impact on how our brains are wired. The more time we pay attention to what we want, the more our brains wire toward getting what we want. We just can't pay attention when we are with our trainer and then go spend our time overeating. We have shifted focus and attention to enjoying overeating which wires our brain to do it more often.

It is not easy but it is like mindfulness meditation. All meditation is in its simplest form is bringing our mind back to our focus for the meditation. This in turn, strengthens our ability to hold our focus over time. Why this is important is because the same is true with our fitness goals. When we notice that we are overeating or that we are missing workouts, we need to bring our attention back to what we want and the actions that will help us get it. This will strengthen the wiring for what you want. It is no big deal to lose focus -- the main thing is getting back to what you want and where you want to go.

Falling off the wagon can also get more of your brain involved in finding solutions to staying on the wagon, which will increase the mylenization of neural pathways that will support what you want. That means faster conductivity. Just think about that thing you love to eat and how you light up when you think about it. Well, your workout and your healthy eating strategies can light you up like that if you keep bringing your attention back to them and how good they will make you feel.

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