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Thoughts on Change and the Structure thereof

Talking with a client today about the structure of change. How does change come about how do we stick with something and stay with it. We have to lay down neuropathways. We have to lay them down and build the structure of them. How that happens is by paying attention to the thing that we want to change. I want to lose some body-fat this year. I have recognized over the past year I have let some of my boundary's slide. I need to get them back.

So what do I do. I have to start thinking about what I want. I have to get clear about why I want it and think about how good it feels to have it. I have to than take action on it and I have to keep taking action when I fall. That all sounds like conventional self help stuff so why doesn't it work?

Patience- just like building a muscle we have to lay down the neuropathways or remyelinate the ones we already have. It takes time there is a physical structure that has to be built. Associations have to be made. Pleasure has to be linked to it and pain linked to not having it all of that has a physical structure.

What does all of this mean. I have to pay attention to what I want and keep it top of mind. Even when I fall. I have to keep thinking about it. I have to imagine how good it is going to feel. I have to take action on it and celebrate when I am seeing results so that the pathway gets laid down and myelinated in a way that my mind and brain keep making decisions that support it. So, Pay Attention as a friend of mind says.

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