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Had an interesting conversation about nutrition today. I was talking to someone who was telling me about his inability to stop eating certain foods. Coming from where I am coming from about not demonizing food. I had to agree with this fellow that their are some foods that I just can't eat. These are food that effect my brain in a way that I lose the ability to moderate. All I want to do is experience the sensation of that food and I will eat that food even if I am full just for the experience. I will eat that food against my better judgement and without consideration for my long range goals. I have to be true to myself about what those foods are. Without being true to myself than I will continue to eat those foods without success. Which will usually lead to an increase in weight because if I eat those foods on a daily basis than I will have more calories than I need for the day and for a week and than I will end up with a positive calorie balance. Think about this if i have this food and over eat it and it averages out over a month to a one hundred calorie a day positive balance than I can gain a pound in 35 days and over a year that could be another twelve pounds.

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