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What if it is about the brain?

I was talking to someone about losing weight and workout programs etc... And I had a thought. what if is about a well functioning and integrated brain that can delay gratification that the impulsive sub-cortical areas can send up that give us Euphoric recall about the last time we had that Big Piece of German Chocolate cake. What if it is about being able to say no to sleeping that last ten minutes so we can get to our workout before work.

All of this might not be about the latest diet it may be about a brain that is not being regulated well by our pre-frontal cortex. Think about the marshmallow experiment where they gave four years old kids marshmallow and told them not to eat them until the attendant got back. The third of the kids who ate them right away struggled with impulse control throughout there life when follow-up studies were done.

So maybe instead of talking calories and sets and reps we shold talk about building our ability to get the sub-cortical regions of the brain to align with the goals of our pre-frontal cortex? hmmm..........

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