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Gravity Hmmm......

What is resistance training all about. It is about putting my body in the best position to be stimulated by gravity. I can do it for a short time for strength or a long time for endurance. The best way that I have found to do this is a mindful approach to resistance training.

What is a mindful approach to resistance training? It is where I turn off the music and turn up the self awareness so that I can have an experience with gravity. This requires trying to sense where I can feel gravity impact on my muscles. Where do I align the weight and my body so that I have the greatest impact of gravity on my muscle. I have to let go of counting reps and I have to learn to emotionally regulate so that my body won't tried to speed me through the process.

I have been doing this with myself and my clients and what we have found is that we can get to the point of muscular fatigue in a shorter amount of time because we are not having to do 8-10 wasted reps before we start to feel the impact with gravity. we can do this with less weight so that takes away the stress on our joints.

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