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Perspective on a vegetable mind set

Was talking to a client about eating vegetables and this thought occurred that I got from Gary V on thinking long term. Eating vegetables is not about short term pleasure, as much as it is important to make them palatable, but it is a long term proposition it is about thinking about how you want your health to be in the future. It is about attaching pleasure to a healthy future.

So, I start thinking about all the food on your plate and desert. Meat might be about thinking mid range pleasure for now in taste but not so pleasurable that it clogs your arteries with fat. Carbohydrates especially starchy long term because of B vitamins, the importance of fiber, and short term for energy over the next 3-4 hours. Donuts short term because if high pleasure but short energy.

Bottom line have some foods on your plate that consider long term health, some that fit your mid range health and shorterm pleasure and a small amount that you just enjoy now.

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