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Self Awareness and Satisfaction

What did I learn today? It is not about the food. Unless you have an allergy to the food that causes you to overeat it. Unless the food highjacks your brain and you can not stop eating it, it is not about the food. I think that addiction to drugs and alcohol is that way so I leave that open for a possibility. If that is true than you can't eat certain foods.

Than what is it about? Portions. That means listening to your body and noting when you are satisfied. That may take some trial and error. It may take some time to develop the sensitivity. If your eating is rule governed, i.e., I can only eat this amount of calories or if I am eating and the only way I know when to stop is when I am stuffed, it may be difficult to find satisfaction and that make take trial and error. It requires patience and a big picture focus. When I figure that out then I may be able to maintain my weight or add a little exercise and see the change in appearance I am after.

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