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Merry Christmas

In this blog I am going to share things that excite me and I hoe that it will excite you. So what am I excited about today? The brain. I am excited about the malleability of the brain and that we can change the brain with what we do and how we do and what we learn. It can be change by changing our beliefs. We don't have to be stuck. We can get out of our ruts and make new choices. We can set goals four our life and for our bodies that can make a difference in what is going on in our life.

I was told over twenty year ago to learn about my brain and I blew if off because it was for the brainiacs who were scientist etc. Now at fifty five I am recognizing that it was great advice. Why shouldn't I learn about the thing that is the most powerful thing in the universe. I t is the thing that makes us into the image and likeness of our creator. With our brain we can love at the depth of Jesus or we can demonstrate a resilience that can bring us out of a rut that can resurrect our life.

I want to document here the things that make a difference in my life. the things that will allow me to give all of the effort, face all of the challenges and make all the mistakes and learn from them that will help me and you to get where we want to be. I like to tie all of this to the body so here we go. When I am talking about giving 100% effort, facing challenges and learning from the mistakes I am talking about unleashing your brain. I am talking about setting a purpose with your prefrontal cortex executive function and than letting the cerebellum basal ganglia motor cortex, amygdala etc.... do the rest. Whether it is achieving a fitness goal or changing your life it is about unleashing your brain. Getting out of it's way with negative Beliefs that give this tool mix messages that stifle it from going all out so you can go all in.

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